September 6-13, 2019   Abiquiu, New Mexico

We are living in one of the most important times in the history of humanity.  We face many challenges that touch our relationships across race, creed, gender, social economics and environment.  We often feel polarized and at opposites with those we meet in our daily living, and, shift is possible. We are in a profound moment in the raising of consciousness in our world and each of us is needed for this shift to take place.  Are you one that will step forward to make your contribution toward peace on this planet?

You are invited to a six-day training to become a carrier of First Peace.  Have you always wanted to contribute to creating peace in our world?  In your community?  In your neighborhood?  In your family?  This is a rare opportunity to learn The Way of First Peace and to become a SeedPlanter, one who carries the ancient wisdom seeds of peace to live in the self and to share with others.  A SeedPlanter is trained to offer First Peace Circles in their local communities and to become a skilled Circle Leader.

Who is this training for?

Anyone who shares a passion for creating a culture of peace: Peace Leaders, Peace Makers, Peace Builders, Peace Dreamers, and Peace Educators. Those who share a longing for peace and are called to make a contribution in their community by starting a First Peace Circle.

What will I learn in this six-day training experience?

  • Principles and Practices of First Peace
  • Training in different delivery styles
  • Techniques of how to call people to activate circles of peace
  • Understanding of group dynamics and energies
  • Use of the First Peace Handbook and year curriculum
  • Practice sharing experiential learning in the 6-day training

Those who complete this training and become authorized, will be listed on the First Peace website

What is needed to quality to become a SeedPlanter?

  • Possess a strong desire to help create a culture of peace consciousness in yourself and in the world around you
  • Be willing to start a First Peace Circle
  • Prior experience in making presentations and holding groups
  • Experience in a spiritual tradition and be open to other ways
  • Successful completion of the 6-day SeedPlanter Training

What are the benefits?

  • Personal contribution to a culture of peace consciousness in the world
  • Experience relating with a worldwide family of people that are a part of the People’s Movement of First Peace
  • Opportunity to create community where you live

Who is the Teacher?

WindEagle, Co-founding Director of Ehama Institute, is a Lineage Keeper of an ancient body of wisdom called the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge.  This ancient body of wisdom is vital in its ability to help us remember whom we are and how to come together to create unity consciousness.  This ancient wisdom understanding informs the Eight Universal Principles and Practices of First Peace calling for the coming together of many traditions, cultures and ages, intending to celebrate our unique ways of creating peace in the self.  •