Mending the Sacred Hoop Ehama Institute is dedicated to mending the sacred hoop of the people.   This dedication, in essence, is to play our part to bring the peoples of the earth together again.  We vision the peoples of the world able to collaborate, able to council to find solutions for our planet, able to live harmoniously sharing resource and able to learn equally from all cultures on this planet.  This dedication has continued to shape and form our work for over 30 years.  It is our belief that when we, all peoples, can live peace within the self, we will then be able to live peace on this planet. Ehama Institute is dedicated to the:

  • Vision of peace and harmony on our Mother Planet for all beings
  • Vision of council, a way of deep wisdom opening pathways for the future
  • Vision of youth council, making a contribution toward creating our world
  • Vision of feminine and masculine balance
  • Vision of our human family as an unbroken hoop

Story of the Teachings of the Delicate Lodge

It has been told that Flys Crow, a priestess of the Mayan People, led her people across the great gulf waters in a time of upheaval in the land of the Maya.  At the mouth of the great river now called the Mississippi, she and her people founded a new community based on the teachings of Quetzalcoatl. Over time, from this base, the way of the mound builders flowed out, touching tribes to the East and West.  The old glyphs became the teaching wheels that are reflected in many tribal designs and in the teaching belts that were carried by the medicine people. 

These wheels and designs were part of an oral tradition that was carried by many tribes, and flowered in numerous forms always keeping alive the relationship of respect for Grandmother Earth and the life that emanated from her. In 1879, when the people were subjected to a final onslaught from the new culture that had its roots in the lands across the great waters, a council of the many tribes was held in Oklahoma.  At this council, it was seen that the teaching of the way of the wheels was in peril. 

There remained only thirty-seven of these teaching belts from the hundreds that had been before, due to wars of oppression and displacement. It was decided to give these remaining belts into the hands of thirty-seven medicine women in the hope to keep the culture of the wheels alive, for the men were under threat of extinction.  One of these grandmothers was a woman named Tomasiasah, a Cree Indian from the north of the Great Lakes. Tomasiasah traveled back to the lands of the Cree, and over time had a number of apprentices who traveled and learned from her. 

One of these she taught was a Cheyenne woman named Eschimah who had come to her when she was young and afflicted with illness.  Eschimah was healed by Tomasiasah, and she grew to be a medicine teacher that carried the belt and had her own apprentices.

In time, this teaching belt with over 100 wheel of knowledge of the oral tradition was passed to the founders of Ehama Institute, RainbowHawk and WindEagle, who passed it to their apprentice, WhiteEagle.  They carry the words given to them by the chiefs, “Breathe these teachings into the world.  It is time and maybe some good will come of this.”   We share this story with you with respect for those ancestors who have walked before, and with love and honor for the Mother Earth, who knows all the stories.

Ehama Institute Co-Founders

WindEagle and RainbowHawk*, Lineage Keepers of an ancient body of Self Knowledge and Earth Wisdom Teachings called the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge, founded Ehama Institute in 1995. This enduring wisdom offers a framework for meeting today’s ever increasing global challenges. Ehama Institute is dedicated to mending the sacred hoop of the people. This dedication, in essence, is to play our part to bring the people back together.

Imagine the peoples of the world able to collaborate, able to council to find solutions for our planet, able to live harmoniously sharing resource and able to learn equally from all cultures on this planet.

*RainbowHawk, master teacher, lived an exceptionally memorable life.  (1923-2012)

Ehama Institute is a not-for-profit teaching center located in Abiquiu, New Mexico, US. Co-founders, WindEagle and RainbowHawk, have worked with individuals, training groups, organizations and communities throughout the world for over two decades.

In 2003, they published their first book, Heart Seeds, a message from the ancestors, in which WindEagle and RainbowHawk recount the ancient oral stories of remembrance and share the relevance of these “heart seeds” for both the present time and our collective future.

In 2007, the World Foundation for the Discipline of Peace, a Global Expression of Ehama Institute, was formed to create a world-wise People’s Movement of the First Peace. This People’s Movement is based on Eight Universal Principles and Practices of Peace, which calls for the coming together of many traditions, cultures and ages with the intent of celebrating our unique ways of creating peace in the self.

In 2009, the People’s Movement of the First Peace was launched with people attending from eleven nations. Representatives from Baha’i, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Navajo and Sikh traditions—a confluence of many wisdom rivers – shared their respective practices of peace, awakening our collective capacity to live peace in our selves as a daily practice.


WindEagle dedicates her time to the unfolding of collective wisdom, the awakening of higher consciousness, the balance of being and becoming and the calling forth of the highest potential for the benefit of all beings.



Evocative Leadership Mastery™
Harnessing the Power of Higher Consciousness to Meet Our Global Challenges To evoke is to call forward.  In the Evocative Leadership Mastery™ training, we first open how to evoke the self; then we explore how to evoke or call forward the most life-affirming solutions, qualities and outcomes in our communities, our work and our world. When we can do this in ourselves and with each other, we open to a new kind of leadership.  The quality and variety of thought consciousness needed to appropriately respond to the challenges leaders face, as they make high-impact decisions, must come from a deeper level of wisdom than ever before. Evocative Leadership Mastery™ is a master-level training program that presents a hands-on experience of training and activation of the unique inherent wisdom of the Eight Universal Intelligences.  Today’s leaders need these subtle and complex skills as they navigate the volatile, complex and ambiguous environment of today’s world.  The journey of Evocative Leadership Mastery™ trains capabilities and competencies that are vital to shaping our future. Visit
Journey to Mastery™
One-on-One Deepening Sessions for Executives, Individuals, Couples and Group Deepening Sessions Deepening is a way to achieve a richer, broader understanding of who we are and what we yearn to become.  In deepening sessions, WindEagle opens the double spiral of potential that all is possible, as well as diving deep into old patterns that need healing and releasing to clear the way for our dreams to manifest.  Evoking profound insights and evolving the spirit consciousness are the signposts on this journey. Inquire at
People’s Dance to the Sun

Opposite the Winter Solstice and the energy of dreaming, we rise to the summer solstice when the energy of flowering and gifting of the spirit is at its peak.  In the Dance to the Sun we bring the depth of our dedication and heart yearning to the Sacred Tree of Life as we pray for peace on our planet and the coming together of all our relations.

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Journey Shield Quest
A Journey Shield Quest is a deep and profound voyage into the self and life’s passages. Each human walks a unique trail in this lifetime and when we are called, it is important to bring our deepest heart question to the Mother Earth and to quest with Her. This healing journey quest is one that awakens a depth of understanding that mirrors true meaning in each step of this life walk. There are times in our lives when we are called to quest, to seek our vision, to assist us in our transformation, or to find the deep healing our hearts require. When we are called to quest, we feel compelled to come to the Mother Earth. Inquire at
Wisdom from the Medicine Wheel™
Wisdom from the Medicine Wheel™  is a series of teaching letters that unfolds a deep understanding of the manifestation of our consciousness along with new insights into our reality. Over a span of two years, every month two wisdom letters are emailed.   Each letter shares clear steps of practice designed to deepen aspects of our consciousness from each of the eight perspectives of the medicine wheel. These practices include specific activities that help focus the growing consciousness of our spirit, body, emotion and mind.  There is a short introductory video with each letter, along with teachings, practices and contemplations. For more information, click here
First Peace Circles

The World Foundation for the Discipline of Peace is the global expression of Ehama Institute and was formed to foster the People’s Movement of First Peace.  Using Eight Universal Principles and Practices in harmony with different cultures and traditions, circles of peace are forming around the world, creating a culture of peace by living peace in the self.  Start a First Peace Circle in your community.


First Peace Seedplanter & Circle Leader Trainings

SeedPlanters are trained to hold First Peace Circles in their community. Visit our website at to find a SeedPlanter near you. Inquire at to schedule a SeedPlanter training with an 8 person minimum. Seedplanters call together groups within their community to open the concepts, principles and practices of First Peace, a way of living peace in the self.  Together they explore and share wisdom practices of peace. A curriculum with supporting materials that include teaching videos, discussions and exercises are provided to Seedplanters. Seedplanter Training is now offered online.

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Winter Solstice Dreaming
The kiva period is from November 21 to March 21 of each year.  During this time of the dark, we are called to go within to reflect on the past year, bring healing to events and relationships and to dream of what we wish to call into our lives.  This is a pivotal time of the year to honor and turn toward the light of the new year to come.  This retreat acts as a gate opening into the deep stillness and reflection needed to find our balance to renew and regenerate. Inquire at
Women’s Retreats
At this time in our world, the call for women to stand is increasing.  Our voices, our wisdom and our innate strength are needed in the world. Standing together, combining our voices, and creating impact we step into the remembrance of the Divine Feminine and what is needed to take our place once again as one who ‘grows corn’ in all parts of our lives.  We see the place we hold as woman, what we stand for and how we choose to bring all our sisters together for the benefit of our world community. Inquire at
Speaking Engagements

WindEagle is a individual who makes a lasting impact.  She is an engaging speaker and is available to speak with groups.

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