February 2023 Series: A Sacred Quest

3 Sundays, 2.5 hours each

#1: February 12

#2: February 19

#3: February 26

If you want to go for that walk with me, there will be a series of questions.  As it see it, it’s like going up on top of Pedernal here in New Mexico and looking all around.  From there we can see the top of the mountains and the sky, like when I climbed the steps of the pyramid IxChel in Mexico.  It was way up, where the birds are flying around, and the tops of the trees appear like grasses.  But I am not climbing up to see out. I am climbing up to see in – deeply within.  The climbing up is just a trick to get away from the everyday world of affairs and to take a time out- to reflect – and to be with the sky and the stars and our avian kin.

If you want to come along, we’ll gather together for a couple of hours in my morning, which might be your evening, depending, and we’ll open up to the quest together.  There is one thing needed.  You need a ticket to come along.  The ticket is your yearning or longing or your desire to seek into the unknown.  That’s where we are going. Up. To go. In. Inside.

The first Sunday we’ll talk about dreaming and what calls us to dream and the opening of the dreamer way.  And there will be an old story to tell, and four questions to dance with before we meet on the following Sunday.

Dancing with

Then when we meet on that second Sunday we will share our plunder, gems, and jewels of realization; that which we found while watching the starlight on the stony pathways at night.  We will dance with four more questions in between the second Sunday and the third. 

Dancing with 

On the third Sunday, we will once again offer the beauty of insight and realization around the community fire and see what the sacred is calling us toward.

Questions do seem to open potential doorways and if we are searching, we will probably want to enter there and discover what till now has remained hidden or out of reach.  Of course, it is true we can always stretch into that old cupboard or trunk in the attic or the treasure box that we have been waiting to open.  But it seems now is the time – at least for me it is.  Why?  It is just that the universe has been whispering in my ear and I am listening.  I think you must be also, otherwise you might have climbed up a different mountain.

So here is how it works…

We will meet online each of the three Sunday mornings at 9:00am MST for 2.5 hours.
We will have a private lodge to hold us where we can share our thoughts, insights, and dreams.
Each time we meet, there will be time to share experiences and the beauty of our exploration.
(8:00am PST, 10:00am CST, 11:00am EST, 4:00pm GMT, 5:00pm CET, 7:00pm EEST, 8:00pm GST)


You are invited to offer what will work for you, trusting when you can offer more, you will.
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